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How to Get Rid of iCloud on iPhone

Recently, there are many users who ask about how to get rid of iCloud on iPhone, or how to remove iCloud on iPhone. Following is one of the questions:

Question: "How to Get rid of iCloud on my iPhone 4? My mom, my sister, and I all have the same iCloud account and now I can read the messages they send to each other and vise versa. I was wondering how I can get iCloud off of my phone? Please help! Thank you."

Answer: In fact, you are not able to get rid of iCloud on iOS devices. Because iCloud is one part of the iOS 5. That is to say, it is one important part of your device system. You can't or are not allowed to remove iCloud on iOS 5.

However, if you have problems like the questions above, you can try to disable iCloud on iPhone or other iOS 5 devices: This is a quite easy process.

Steps to disable iCloud on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch:

Step 1: On your iOS device go to: [Settings] >> [Store] >> login if you are not logged in yet.

Step 2: Tap the On/Off switch to On for content (Music, Apps and Books) you want.

Step 3: Also turn ON/Off [Cellular] option to enable/disable sync via cellular data network. If it is disabled, then you should in some Wifi area.

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