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The iPhone is the best Apple device to take photos with, but it's not the best one for sharing pictures with friends and family at home. Transferring pictures to a computer or iPad now requires synchronizing devices or using third-party apps to transfer the images.

With iCloud, the most recent photos snapped with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad 2 are automatically available to view on any other iOS device or computer. iCloud can play roles of transfers like iPod to computer transfer, iPhone to iPad transfer, and even more. As soon as you snap a photo, it's uploaded to iCloud and then downloaded to your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and/or computer.

icloud photos transfer

Tips: If you have gotten a new iPad mini or you're planning to get one in the future, then you will meet the problem of how to backup iPad mini data like photos, videos, music, etc. to computer for security consideration, here we will teach you how to transfer data from iPad mini to computer easily.

What Can iCloud Photos Sync Feature Do for You?

Apple calls this iCloud photos transfer feature PhotoStream and iPhone and iPad users are going to love this feature. PhotoStream will make sharing photos simpler and take a lot of the sting out of losing an iOS device with recent photos on it.

Photo Stream automatically uploads photos taken on one device to other iOS devices and computers. Further reducing the need to manually sync content from a device to a computer, iCloud's Photo Stream transfers photos over the air. The last 1,000 photos taken are stored on a device for immediate viewing or transfer to a Mac or PC for permanent storage. Additional photos will be stored in iCloud for 30 days, affording users plenty of time to download them via Wi-Fi.

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