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icloud music syncSome users will find that their music collection is simply too large to fit on their iOS devices. This means a lot of music gets left behind. With iCloud, users will be able to match the music they've purchased through iTunes, copied from CDs or purchased elsewhere with 1.8 million songs in Apple's catalog, transfer music from iPad to computer and more. Instead of uploading several GB with of songs, iCloud will examine your music collection. Below are some iCloud transfer features.

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What Can iCloud Music Sync Bring for You?

  1. If your tunes are available from Apple, you'll be able to download songs and albums from iCloud whenever you want. You can use up to 10 iOS devices with iTunes Match.
  2. If Apple doesn't find a match for a particular song in its catalog, you can upload it from your computer to iCloud. This means you'll only need to upload a relatively small portion of your music collection, unless you have an eccentric musical appetite.
  3. Cloud also makes it easy to find and download past iTunes music purchases. This is a great feature and something you can experience today.

Why Need iCloud Music Transfer?

As listed above, iCloud users can download previously purchased iTunes music to any of their devices for free with iCloud music transfer feature. Additionally, any new content purchased from the iTunes Music Store will be downloaded across all devices. For a $24.99 annual fee, users can take their cloud based music experience further with iTunes Match.

This revolutionary iCloud music backup/sync/transfer service - subject to significant speculation leading up to the keynote - matches songs obtained outside the iTunes Music Store with Apple's collection of over 18 million available songs. Subscribers will be granted instant access to high quality versions of their music via iCloud. Only if a given song is not available on iTunes will a user be required to upload it in order to listen.

However, many people would like to use iPhone file to computer transfer to get music of iOS device out. With this solution, they can store the media files of iOS on any place they like and don't need to pay addtional money every year in order to get more room of storage,if you need to import your songs from iPhone to iTunes, iTunes won't help you, just sync songs from iPhone 4s/5 to your iTunes library 11

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