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iCloud Movies Transfer

Just like the iPhone files to Computer transfer, the new iCloud service includes the ability to store and stream movies from major Hollywood studios and share with other iOS device. iCloud will enable users to store and access their digital media from Apple's servers via web-connected devices, anyplace, anytime, a technique that is now kwon as 'the cloud'.

iCloud movies transfer allows you to transfer movies among multiple iOS devices and computers easily such as download movies from iPad to PC, transfer videos from iPad to iPhone, etc. That is, if you have your favorite movies on iPad, you can also push them to iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, and so on via iCloud wirelessly.

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What Can iCloud Movies Sync Bring for You?

  1. icloud movies transferShare the same movie on multiple iOS devices
    If you downloaded or purchased movies from iTunes store, you can watch them on iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and so on.
  2. Backup movies with iCloud service
    If you worry about your movies being lost or damaged, you can backup movies to iCloud from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, etc.

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