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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to iPad with iCloud

Often, when we need to transfer videos from iPhone to iPad, we may ask help from iPhone to computer program for help. However, we can turn to iCloud for help as well. transfer videos from iphone to ipad with icloud Apple described iCloud as a service that is integrated with apps and "stores your content, and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices." In essence, it will provide a way to ensure that users' data, whether contacts, photos, appointments, or apps, is consistent and equally accessible across Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and PC.

The tutorial below will teach you how to transfer videos from iPhone to iPad with iCloud step by step.

Tutorial: Sync iPhone Videos to iPad with iCloud

Part 1: Upload Videos from iPhone to iCloud

Step 1: Log in with your Apple ID and password. In iPhone, go to Settings. And select iCloud item.

Step 2: In the Storage&Backup window, turn on the Back Up to iCloud iCon. Then click "Backup Up Now" to sync iPhone videos to iCloud.

Part 2: Download Videos from iCloud to iPad

Step 1: Sign up for iCloud for free on iPad with your Apple ID. Go to Settings -> Store and enable Music, Apps, and Books for Automatic Downloads.

Step 2. On your iPad, go to the iTunes app, and click the Purchased icon. You can download all the recent videos you've purchased with a single click. To do this, go to the Recent Purchases area, and click the Download All button to grab your last 50 or so purchases.

Step 3: Then the iCloud button - a small cloud with a down arrow in it - next to it will be enabled. If a video is available for download, Click that button to download it. If the button is grayed out and reads "Downloaded", then the video is already on the iPad you're using.

More about Apple iCloud...

transfer videos from iphone to ipad with icloudiCloud aims to provide ubiquitous access to anyone's data across every computing device available. Given that Apple now considers a PC or Mac to be just another "device," this could have some serious implications when it comes to the line between home and work. On the surface, iCloud is simply a consumer solution for syncing personal data: music, app and e-book purchases; personal photos and videos; and personal information such as contacts and calendars. It also offers a free email account.

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