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How to Transfer Movies from iPad to iCloud?

Often we need to download how do you transfer movies from ipad to icloudmovies from iPad to PC if we need to transfer iPad movies to other iOS device. But now we needn't if we use iCloud. With iCloud, all of a person's Apple devices - iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computer - sync wirelessly, giving users access to their documents, photos, apps, calendars and e-mails from any location, not just on a specific gadget.

If you downloaded or bought a lot of movies on iPad, you can sync movies from iPad to iCloud for backup purpose or sharing them with other iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPod touch, and so on. Here is how to transfer movies from iPad to iCloud step by step.

Tips: If you need to transfer files from iPod to your PC, the iPod Transfer is your wise choice.

Tutorial: How to Transfer Movies from iPad to iCloud

Firstly, you need to get the things prepared:
iPad iOS 5.0 or later (currently available in Beta via Apple)
WiFi or 3G connection
iTunes 10.3

Step 1. Log in with your Apple ID and password on iPad. Then go to Settings. And select iCloud item.

sync ipad movies to icloud

Step 2. In the Storage&Backup window that appears, turn on the 'Back Up to iCloud' iCon. Then click "Backup Up Now" to sync iPad movies to iCloud.

Finish! As you can see, the process to transfer movies from iPad to iCloud is automatic and simple. So don't hesitate, go ahead to sync iPad movies to iCloud for backup or sharing right now!

More about iCloud...

With iCloud, users will no longer need to connect their iPhones or iPads to their computers to move photos, music or files from one device to the other. Photos snapped on an iPhone, for example, will be stored in an individual's iCloud account. An iPad or Mac computer logged into the same account will automatically download that photo to keep all the devices in sync. The same applies to email, calendars, contacts and documents.

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