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How to Transfer iPhone Music to iCloud?

Transfer iPhone Music to iCloudIf you have a lot of music or songs on your iPhone, you may wanna transfer iPhone music to iCloud for backup or sharing. Then the tutorial can help you sync iPhone music to iCloud easily.
Things you need to prepare:
iPhone iOS 5.0 or later (currently available in Beta via Apple)
WiFi or 3G connection
iTunes 10.3

Tutorial: How to Transfer iPhone Music to iCloud?

Step 1. Log in with your Apple ID and password.
Step 2. In iPhone, go to Settings. And select iCloud item.
Step 3. In the Storage&Backup window, turn on the Back Up to iCloud iCon. Then click "Backup Up Now" to transfer iPhone music to iCloud.

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Transfer iPhone Music to iCloudiCloud is a new service built into iOS that allows for developers to transfer documents or key-value data into the service for storage. It also allows the developer to query for updates to the documents and to download these to the device. In essence, this service can be used to keep information such as word processing documents in-sync across all your iOS devices. We will be following the iCloud system as it matures, and one day we may be able to move the Online Backup & Sync service over to the iCloud, which will save us (at Geode) a lot of money in bandwidth and server costs.

By the way, iPhone Photo Transfer can extract iPhone photos shot with iPhone and downloaded from websites to computer. It works well for iPhone music. So you can share you favorite photos and music with other people.

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