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How to Sync Music from iCloud to iPad?

If you have a couple of music on iCloud, you may wanna download music from iCloud to iPad for listening. Then how to sync music from iCloud to iPad, iPad 2, even iPad HD, iPhone, iPod touch, and so on? Well, the tutorial can help you transfer iCloud music to iPad.

Tutorial: Sync Music from iCloud to iPad?

Firstly, you need to get the things prepared:
iPad iOS 5.0 or later (currently available in Beta via Apple)
WiFi or 3G connection
iTunes 10.3

Step 1. On your iPad, go to Settings > Store, and select the type of content you want automatically downloaded. Here you need to choose Music.
Step 2. Click the cloud button to download the song to your iPad.

Finish! Now you can sync music from iCloud to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and so on, just following the tutorial above!

More about iCloud...

sync music from icloud to ipadTo many people used to services like Dropbox, or even Windows Live SkyDrive, iCloud will likely look like an online storage service. It's not -- even though such capability is available. Storage is there to facilitate sync across multiple devices -- Macs, Windows PCs, smartphones, music players and tablets. Other services primarily sync to the cloud, while Apple's service uses the cloud to sync content among devices.

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