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How to Sync Music between iPhone and iPod via iCloud?

sync music between iphone and ipod via icloudiCloud is a cloud-based media storage and streaming services offering from Apple which lets you store apps, documents and music on the iCloud. That is, iPhone and iPod users are not required to have a Mac or PC to sync their device, or store music. iCloud stores all your content and lets you to access your purchase from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC from any location. That means, you can share the same music on both iPhone and iPod without having to link the device to computer.

The tutorial can teach you sync music between iPhone and iPod via iCloud. All things are automatic and simple.

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Tutorial: Sync Music between iPhone and iPod via iCloud?

Step 1. Getting Started
Go to Settings -> Store and enable Music, Apps, and Books for Automatic Downloads.

Step 2. On your iPhone or iPod, go to the iTunes app, and click the Purchased icon. You can download all the recent songs or albums you've purchased with a single click. To do this, go to the Recent Purchases area, and click the Download All button to grab your last 50 or so purchases.

Step 3: Then the iCloud button - a small cloud with a down arrow in it - next to it will be enabled. If a song is available for download, Click that button to download it. If the button is grayed out and reads "Downloaded", then the song is already on the iPhone or iPod you're using.

That's it. With this tutorial, you can transfer music between iPod and iPhone with iCloud easily!

More about iCloud...

The big focus on iCloud centered around music. For days, weeks, whatever - everyone has been wondering what Apple was going to announce regarding a cloud-based music streaming service. However, we didn't get what most people expected. The first surprise was that there will be no charge for multiple downloads to multiple devices. The key word is "multiple," not unlimited. Users can just hit a "Purchased" button in iTunes on their various devices and push what is already purchased and downloaded to nine other iCloud-enabled gadgets.

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