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How to Sync Books between iPod touch and iPhone with iCloud?

Have downloaded a lot of books to iPod touch? Then wanna read them on iPhone while the iPod touch not along with you? As we all know, iCloud makes the syncing easy. So how to sync books between iPod touch and iPhone with iCloud? The tutorial can help you. Follow the steps below to sync books between iPod touch and iPhone with iCloud now.

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Tutorial: Sync Books between iPod touch and iPhone with iCloud?

iPhone/iPod touch iOS 5.0 or later
WiFi or 3G connection
iTunes 10.3

Step 1. Getting Started
Go to Settings -> Store and enable Music, Apps, and Books for Automatic Downloads.

Step 2. On your iPhone or iPod, go to the iTunes app, and click the Purchased icon. You can download all the recent songs or albums you've purchased with a single click. To do this, go to the Recent Purchases area, and click the Download All button to grab your last 50 or so purchases.

Step 3: Then the iCloud button - a small cloud with a down arrow in it - next to it will be enabled. If a book is available for download, Click that button to download it. If the button is grayed out and reads "Downloaded", then the book is already on the iPhone or iPod you're using.

Finish! As you can see, the process to sync books between iPod touch and iPhone with iCloud is very easy to learn. Wanna share books on multiple iOS devices? Follow the guide to sync books between iPod touch and iPhone with iCloud right now!

More about iCloud...

Best of all, iCloud is going to be FREE. Everyone gets 5GB, and books, Photostream, and apps don't count. It works with 4.3 (as a beta) today, and iOS 5 in the future.

  • sync books between ipod touch and iphone with icloudContent storage
    Keeps all your stuff, syncs it to all your devices
  • MobileMe
    Written from the ground up to support iCloud
  • Calendar sharing
    No more workarounds needed. You can share your events.
  • No ads
    Clearly a shot at Google
  • iBooks also sync, pretty much like they did before
  • Backups: Over wi-fi only. Music, iBooks, photos and videos, device settings, and app data (yes!)
  • Document sharing: iWork suite, Pages, Keynote, Numbers can sync docs between devices. Promises complete storage story.
  • PhotoStream: Photos go up from your devices to iCloud, and down to your devices from iCloud. Stores last 1000 photos, stores for 30 days.
  • iTunes in the Cloud: re-download your music, just like you've been re-downloading apps. Automatic downloads as well. Up to 10 devices, so no "all devices" 256kb AAC
  • iTunes Match service: You can sync stuff you already own to iCloud, you can re-buy a few songs you love, or you can use iTunes Match service. It'll scan your collection, if it finds it in the iTunes catalog, it makes it available to you in 256kb AAC. Costs $25 a year. 20K songs.

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