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How to Sync Apps from iPad to iCloud?

What should you do if you want to transfer files from iPhone to computer or copy iPad application to other device? We will now see how to sync the apps you downloaded through iTunes to your iDevice via iCloud. Here is how to sync apps from iPad to iCloud.

Tutorial: How to Sync Apps from iPad to iCloud

how do you sync apps from ipad to icloudFirstly, you need to get the things prepared:
iPad iOS 5.0 or later
WiFi or 3G connection
iTunes 10.3

Step 1. Open iPad
Press the home button for a few seconds to open your iPad.

Step 2. Connect iPad to Wi-Fi
Tap Settings from the iPad's Homescreen and press Network in the Settings screen. Then tap the WiFi button and slide the slider to "on". To connect to a public network, just tap the network name and you will complete connecting iPad to Wi-Fi.

That's it! With Apple's new cloud service, you can easily sync apps from iPad to iCloud! After sync apps from iPad to iCloud, you can share them on multiple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch, and so on!

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More about iCloud...

Along with Contacts, Calendars and Mail syncing, iCloud also includes three apps that'll keep all your iOS devices synced through the cloud. They're called App Store, iBooks and Backup and they're all pretty self explanatory. App Store lists the purchase history of all your app downloads so it's easy to re-download them on a different device. iBooks does the same with all the iBooks you bought and it'll even sync your bookmarks. And finally, Backup backs up all the important stuff of your iPhone (pictures, settings, music, apps, app data) daily. That way when you get a fresh iPhone, you simply log in and everything shows up. It's syncing without the cord now.

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