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How to Backup iPhone Apps to iCloud?

backup iphone apps to icloudHave downloaded a lot of apps on your iPhone and wanna backup them in case of losing? Now you've come to the right place! The tutorial is just about how to backup iPhone apps to iCloud. Firstly, you need to prepare things below:
iPhone iOS 5.0 or later
WiFi or 3G connection
iTunes 10.3

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Tutorial: How to Backup iPhone Apps to iCloud?

Step 1. Open iPhone. Press the home button for a few seconds to open your iPhone.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi
Tap Settings from the iPhone's Homescreen and press Network in the Settings screen. Then tap the WiFi button and slide the slider to "on". To connect to a public network, just tap the network name and you will complete connecting iPhone to Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Enter ID and Password
Enter your Apple ID and password to log in the iCloud.

Step 4. Sync apps from iPhone to iCloud
In iPhone, go to Settings. And select iCloud item. In the Storage&Backup window that appears, turn on the 'Back Up to iCloud' iCon. Then click "Backup Up Now" to backup iPhone apps to iCloud.

backup iphone apps to icloud

Finish! As you can see, the process to backup iPhone apps to iCloud is very easy! So why are you waiting? Go ahead to share this tutorial with more guys who need to backup iPhone apps to iCloud right now!

More about iCloud...

Apple has given users a way to sync their purchased music, apps and books wirelessly. With iCloud, whatever you download on one device — your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or computer — can be set to automatically download on all other devices.

With iCloud and wireless computing, you can use iOS devices—the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch—without having to depend upon a personal computer. In other words, you will be able to download apps, songs, documents and other media, and sync your media between these devices without the use of a single USB cord.

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